Beehive Cheese Queen Bee Porcini - 4 oz.

Beehive Cheese Queen Bee Porcini - 4 oz.


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An award-winning savory cheddar hand-rubbed with porcini dust.

Beehive Cheese Company, an artisanal cheesemaker out of Utah, specializes in unique twists on cheddar styles, and Queen Bee Porcini is no exception! Starting with pasteurized Jersey milk, foraged porcini mushrooms are then dried, ground to dust, and hand-rubbed on the wheels, which are aged for up to six months. The porcini mushroom dust imparts earthy, umami notes throughout the paste of the cheese. Pair with pinot noir, syrah, a brown ale, or porter to complement the cheese’s flavors. A wedge also makes a terrific addition to cheese boards. Serve alongside salami, olives, and brined veggies

  • Named Best American Cheese at the 2021 World Cheese Awards