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Our Milk

Our Milk is Fresh & Local

Our milk comes straight from local, Pacific Northwest dairy farms to your home in just 24-48 hours. We pasteurize (never ultra-pasteurize!) and process milk daily, using the most rigorous quality standards. Store bought milk has likely spent days at processing facilities, on the road, and at various distribution points before making it to the grocery store shelf. Home delivery is a lot of fun. It’s also the best way to get farm-fresh milk to you and your family.

We are committed to producing high quality dairy products that are safe for consumption. Since raw milk is unpasteurized, it has a much higher likelihood of carrying food-borne pathogens. As such, we do not produce or sell raw milk.


Our organic dairy products come from cows that are pasture raised and grass fed, with a supplemental diet of certified organic grain feed. The price difference between conventional and organic dairy is due to the cost differences in organic farming and animal husbandry practices, as well as the additional certification requirements. A fun-fact about organic dairy: some people can identify taste differences depending on the seasons and where the cows have grazed. Give it a try and see if you can!

rBST? No Way!

All of our milk comes from local dairy farms that have banned the use of artificial (recombinant) growth hormones (rBST). Our milk is, and has always been, rBST free.

Milk Cartons

Cardboard cartons are the best packaging for fresh, high quality milk. Cartons protect milk from harmful exterior light, and also retain the temperature better than plastic or glass. Our milk cartons are also recyclable. Using cardboard is the best material for packaging milk, and it's the right decision for the environment.

Home Delivery

Porch Boxes

When you start home delivery with us, your first delivery will include an insulated Smith Brothers Farms porch box. Our porch boxes are designed to fit most orders, with room to spare when you want to add something special. Your milkman will place the porch box in an ideal location on your first delivery. If you need to move your porch box to a different location, contact us so we can notify your milkman. We'll pick up your porch box if you move or cancel your service. Please note: if we are not able to pick up your porch box or if it is damaged, you may be charged $35.

Free Delivery

There are no service fees, annual fees or contracts for our home delivery service.

Smith Brothers Farms home delivery is FREE for orders of $10 or more. If your order total is less than $10, there is a minimum order delivery charge of $2.99 - less than a gallon of gas! With so many great products to choose from, we’re confident you can fill up your porch box and avoid the dreaded minimum order delivery fee!

Order & Delivery Details

When you start service, you create a standing order. Your standing order is what we’ll deliver to your porch box every week. You must have at least 1 item in your standing order. Your standing order can include items for weekly or every-other-week delivery. 

You can change your next delivery and standing order directly through our website. You can add or remove items, change item quantities or skip an upcoming delivery. 

Home delivery is once a week, Monday-Friday. The day and time of your delivery depends on where you live and when your milkman is in your neighborhood. While we cannot guarantee a certain delivery time, your milkman will generally deliver your order at around the same time each week.

We deliver on all weekday holidays, except Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

Skips, Holds and Moves

You can set up a delivery skip when you do not need an order on a scheduled delivery day. Go to Manage Delivery Skips to set up a skip. 

We can put your account on hold if you need to stop deliveries for a limited time-frame (e.g. a month or two while you're away on an extended vacation). Send an email to for assistance. 

Are you movingSend an email to for assistance. We can (hopefully) set you up at your new address. If not, we will cancel your account and pick up the porch box after your last delivery.  

Account and Billing

Billing Basics

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover for home delivery accounts. After each delivery, the card on file is charged for your order.

Business Accounts

We partner with many businesses throughout the Northwest. To set up or update your business account, give us a call at 877-MILKMAN or send email to

Canceling Service

You may cancel your home delivery service at any time. Simply give us a call at 877-MILKMAN for help. 

Update Account Details

You can view, manage and change your account directly on our website. Simply log in with your email address and password to:

  • Change your account email address, password or phone number.
  • Update the credit card on file.
  • View delivery and payment history.

More Products to Love

Thanksgiving Turkey & Holiday Prime Rib

Yes, we deliver turkeys on Thanksgiving and prime rib for the your holiday feasts! Turkeys are delivered the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Our turkeys are fresh, blast-chilled birds, vacuum-packed and sealed in a plastic lined box. Since they won't fit, turkeys are delivered on top of your porch box. For all the juicy details, visit our extensive turkey FAQ HERE.

As soon as the Thanksgiving left-overs are done, it's time to start planning your next big feast with our holiday prime rib! Our prime rib is delivered fresh, vacuum-sealed in a custom box designed by Owens Meats. More juicy details coming soon!

All About Eggs

Our eggs come from Stiebers Farms in Yelm, WA. We offer conventional white eggs and organic brown eggs. Conventional eggs are from hens free from antibiotics or hormones. Our organic eggs are from cage-free hens, fed a vegetarian diet, without antibiotics or hormones.

New and Seasonal Products

We are always adding new products for you to try. Check back on the website often to see what’s new (and on sale!). Seasonally, you can count on eggnog (in the winter, and at Easter), lots of pumpkin and spice in the fall, turkeys for Thanksgiving, and chocolate - lots and lots of chocolate - for every season.

Ground Beef

We deliver locally-sourced ground beef (partnering with Crowd Cow) to transform your burgers, tacos and cheesy mac into something special. Here are some helpful tips on delivery, storage, thawing and cooking your premium ground beef.

  • Your ground beef will be delivered frozen, inside a small corrugated box, with a frozen gel pack inside the box. This packaging is designed to keep your ground beef frozen for several hours until you can retrieve it from your porch box. You should take your delivery out of your porch box as soon as possible to avoid thawing. Depending on the outside temperature, your ground beef may thaw slightly around the edges, but stay frozen in the middle. This is normal and no need for concern. If you forget about your delivery and your ground beef thaws completely, take the temperature with a meat or digital thermometer. If the meat is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it is not safe to eat. Please discard the product and give us a call for further assistance.
  • If you plan to eat your ground beef in the next 2 days, take it directly to your refrigerator (set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below). Not eating it until later? Stick it in the freezer. It will be safe to eat indefinitely, but we recommend storing it for no longer than 4 months for best quality and flavor.
  • We recommend thawing your ground beef in the refrigerator, which will take approximately 24 hours. We know that isn't always feasible. You can defrost ground beef quickly by submerging it in cold water, ideally with a slow drip from the faucet.  You can also use your microwave on a defrost setting.
  • The USDA recommends cooking ground beef to a minimum of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a food thermometer to check the temperature…then enjoy!

Product Suggestions

We love learning about great, local products that you’d like to see in your porch box. If you have a product suggestion, email us at Include the product name, and share any stories you may have as to why the product would be a good fit for Smith Brothers Farms.