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Featured & Seasonal

Enjoy these seasonal favorites today. They won't be around forever!

Kosher-baked dinner rolls fresh from the bakery to your table.
Our favorite family tradition! Rich and creamy and perfectly seasoned with just a touch of nutmeg. Contains only natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or sweetners. Order now while supplies last!
Easy to prepare macaroni and cheese wagon wheels with hidden pureed veggies.
White meat chicken patties and pureed vegetables in a whole grain breading.
Shredded russet potatoes, cauliflower and a touch of parmesan.
Enjoy the great tasting Puget Sound chowder that made Ivar's famous.
This natural peanut butter is made with 99% fresh roasted peanuts with just a dash of salt.
A great source of protein, calcium, and Vitamins A&D – and it’s 100% lactose free, so you can drink it ‘til the cows come home.
Made with real almonds, pure cane sugar, and natural vanilla flavor that includes extracts from real Madagascar vanilla beans.
The official Seahawks cookie! A soft and chewy sugar cookie with a rich creamy frosting, perfect for game day!