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Ferndale Farmstead Round Bale Cheese - 6.5 oz.

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Hard-grating style cheese that’s distinctly nutty and subtly sweet.

Round Bale takes its name from the circular hay bales common to the acreage around Ferndale Farmstead – a literal round bale of hay. During the spring, you’ll often see fresh hay sprouting from the bale tops, symbolizing the regenerative circle of life attached to the land and to Ferndale Farmstead’s Seed to Cheese operation. With a similar texture to a well-aged Parmigiano, Round Bale is its own unique blend of cultures applied to the freshest quality milk from their farm and then lovingly aged for 18 months to produce a truly unique gold-medal-winning cheese at the American Cheese Society 2019.

The hard-grating style cheese is distinctly nutty with a subtle sweetness reminiscent of a well-aged Parmesano but topped up with a piquant spike more akin to provolone. And while it certainly can hold its own on a board, Round Bale truly shines from the back of the house as an ingredient in your favorite recipes.

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Local Brands: Ferndale Farmstead