Frequently Asked Questions: Prime Rib

Boneless Prime Rib

We have partnered with family-owned butcher in Cle Elum, Owens Meats, to bring a fresh, boneless prime rib right to your doorstep.

 The prime ribs will be delivered with your next order, until they are sold out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it delivered to me? Will it fit in my porch box? 

The prime rib is vacuum packed, and then will be placed in a separate box to keep it secure. Your milkman or milkwoman will place it on top of or near your porch box. 

How is it packaged?

The prime rib comes vacuum-packed and pre-trussed, which holds it together nicely when cooking. 

Where is the meat sourced from? 

The prime rib is packaged by Owens Meats, a family-owned company in Cle Elum. It is choice beef that's been raised in Washington.

What sizes are available?

We have one size available for Easter: eight pounds.

How many will it feed?

We recommend 12 to 16 ounces per person. Based on a 12-ounce serving per person, the eight-pound feeds approximately ten people.

Is it already seasoned?

No, but a seasoning packet is included in the box for you.

How long does it take to cook?

It will typically take a few hours. Use a meat thermometer to ensure proper cooking temperature. For rare, you should remove it from the oven when the internal temperature reaches about 120F, for medium-rare, the temperature should be 128-132F.

Still have questions?

Contact us at either or 877-645-5626. We're here to help!


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