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Meal Solutions

Get prepared meals, sides or all the ingredients for breakfast, lunch or dinner, delivered straight to your home. 

Rich and gooey spiraled rolls loaded with cinnamon and iced with cream cheese frosting.
Easy to prepare macaroni and cheese wagon wheels with hidden pureed veggies.
White meat chicken patties and pureed vegetables in a whole grain breading.
Tater tots made with shredded russet potatoes, cauliflower and a touch of parmesan.
Here's your proof that mac and cheese isn't just for kids.
Silky-smooth fettuccine handmade in Seattle.
Handmade pasta wraps filled with the best tasting cheeses available.
Thick, soft potato dumplings made from scratch in Seattle.
Fresh pasta filled with spinach and the best tasting cheeses available.
Seasonal ravioli filled with fresh asparagus and cheese.