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Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Guy Kennedy

Milkman Guy Kennedy

This is milkman Guy Kennedy! He's a retired Army helicopter pilot who married his high school sweetheart (34 years!) and has three kids: Tyler, Brandon, and Devin. When he's not on his milk delivery route, Guy enjoys basketball, fishing, and fantasy football. Fun fact about Guy: he flew a UH-1 under the Golden Gate Bridge and landed at the old Presidio. He also believes that John Wooden was the best coach ever.

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11/21/2020 5:34 AM
Hi Guy! I am Rafa Brown. I love to fish as much as I can, when I am not at work at Audio Control in Mountlake Terrace. Did not marry my high school girlfriend, even though I really, really should have. My Mom had great service at the same address for many years from Dan the Milkman and later from his son.

It would be best to place the box to the left of the garage door. My driveway is disintegrating so I would prefer if your truck was turned around in one of the neighbor's driveways. Preferably the one closest to the road, as they won't sign anything for  repair estimates or help at all with paving costs to the private road that serves the three houses.

Feel free to call me if anything ever appears unusual at my place. I do take a vacation in the middle of October.

Thanks, Rafa (rhymes with Hoffa) Brown