Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: John Rogers

Milkman John Rogers

John was born and raised in the Redmond area and has been a life-long Washington resident. He began serving Snohomish County in 1995. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his three kids: Devan, Alison, and Isabella and his loving wife, Jill. He also sings in a couple of local bands.

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2/13/2019 4:58 PM
A  big thank you to John for braving Snowpocalypse!! Both weeks I had no idea what the weather was going to be and both weeks he delivered our milk and other goodies. We sincerely appreciate you!
- The Hugheys
3/3/2019 8:24 AM
Welcome to our neighborhood.
We have appreciated the service we received from the prior delivery person.
3/3/2019 9:35 PM
I just received an email that we’ll be switching back to having John as our milk delivery guy. The kiddos will be super excited! They still remember and talk about him.
6/26/2019 9:48 AM
Hello John! My boys and mother (Grandma) absolutely adore you and try to look out for you on Thursdays!

Happy Appreciation Week to you! Cheers!

All our best and thanks for all you do,
The Feder Family
9/16/2019 2:39 PM
After 10 years of attempting to keep a well stocked refrigerator working crazy corporate hours, I fortunately bumped into the Smith Brothers Farms booth at the Mukilteo Festival two weeks ago.  I signed up for the basics and now John delivers weekly and I can focus on weekend shopping for supermarket items.  Thanks and why did I not do this before?  Great service and so handy to know I can head home after long office/client days and know fresh food is waiting!  
The Lyon's
5/6/2020 11:14 AM
We just moved and found out we get to keep John as our milkman! Yay! ~The Browns
6/25/2020 4:19 PM
Thanks John, we appreciate you!

The Fink family
6/25/2020 4:26 PM
Thank you so much for braving all kinds of weather and this crazy pandemic to deliver our milk to us on a weekly basis. We really appreciate you! Thank you for all you do!
6/25/2020 4:34 PM
Thank you for taking care of us for the last 8 years and especially during this pandemic!  We appreciate you!
(Harbor Lane)
6/25/2020 4:49 PM
Thank you John for keeping us safe and for flawless delivery during this pandemic! We started with Smith Brothers because of the pandemic but are going to continue because of the service!
6/25/2020 4:56 PM
Dear John,

Thank you so much for your service during this pandemic. We are really grateful for having found Smith Brothers Farms, and especially for your help in delivering our food during these times. We’ll keep you and your family’s wellbeing in our prayers. You make our meals possible! Thank you again!
The Parras
6/25/2020 5:09 PM
Thanks! Happy National Milkman Day!
6/25/2020 5:11 PM
John, You keep our family going and give the dogs something to bark about on Friday morning! Thank you for your great work and dedication!!  The Kirks
6/25/2020 7:54 PM
Thank you for all you do!!!
6/25/2020 7:55 PM
Thank you for always delivering and taking care of us! You always have a smile and are so kind. We so appreciate you and all your hard work.  The Fitchner’s
6/25/2020 7:55 PM
Thanks for delivering so reliably. We appreciate your dedication. Made the Covid madness more manageable and less stressful. Happy milkman day!
6/25/2020 8:21 PM
We love you John! Always arrive with a smile and handle our milk with care!! Thanks for being such an amazing person! - the Merchants
6/25/2020 8:30 PM
Thank you for being so friendly with a house full of kids and scary looking lovable dog around we appreciate you!!!
The Davies
6/25/2020 8:38 PM
Without fail, whatever crazy circumstances, regardless of weather, your service remains consistent, and our much needed item show up in the porch box. We thank you and my dog does too for the yummy treat you gave him!!!
6/25/2020 9:07 PM
Thank you John for your service, be it rain or snow, the delivery has never failed. And with the Covid-19 around, a big thank you for your service and keeping us safe. Stay safe and stay well!
6/26/2020 1:02 AM
It wouldn’t be a proper week without John’s presence! Our boys call him Santa Milkman!

John, we thank you for another year of your special deliveries and for all that you do, not just for our family, but for all those you cross paths with - especially during such a challenging time.

We appreciate you, John! Wishing you and your family well!

All our best,
The Feder Family (Kirkland)
6/26/2020 7:40 AM
Thanks John for your cheer and smile!  Our family appreciates your hard work and happy attitude when you drop our delivery by and we talk to you! Cheers! -The Allen Family
6/26/2020 10:25 AM
Happy Milkman Day, John! We appreciate all of your work in getting our deliveries to us, especially while we've upped our orders during the pandemic! Thank you! Thank you! ~ The Doherty Family
6/26/2020 10:32 AM
Thank you so much for bring us our milk. And our cat, Rascal thanks you too! If we run out he is right there trying to get me up as soon as you deliver at 6:30am! He needs his morning milk fix!
6/26/2020 10:54 AM
Thank you so much for the great service John! We are so grateful for being able to still get all our favorite products during this time! The Diep's
6/26/2020 2:00 PM
Thanks so much for bringing our groceries to us!
6/26/2020 5:45 PM
Hi John,  Thank you for your amazing service, our family loves smith bros.  We appreciate you tremendously for supporting us through out the COVID pandemic. ~the McAleese & Brown crew
6/27/2020 12:11 PM
Thank you, Mr. Rogers!
John is as reliable and conscientious as it gets. We appreciate his years of service and pleasant demeanor.
~The Scott's
6/27/2020 4:12 PM
Getting John's delivery has been the best "new habit" during the pandemic, and we're customers for life now. Thank you so much for the fantastic service!! And keep on singin'!

The Knorr-Trageser Family, South Everett
6/29/2020 8:47 AM
Dear John,

I do not have enough words to express my "Thank You".
Your milk delivery every Friday morning is so valuable to me.

Bishnu Atal
5/24/2022 8:16 PM
John provides us exceptional service in every regard.  We appreciate him very much.
12/21/2022 8:35 AM
Thank you John for delivering milk to our household on a weekly basis.

- Bandarupalli Home