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Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Justin Cox

Milkman Justin Cox

Justin's favorite part about being a milkman is knowing when his customers wake up, they will have fresh milk for breakfast. He served for 10 years in the US Navy Military Police, but now enjoys the family-oriented life as a milkman. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and fishing.

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12/18/2018 8:21 AM
We would like to wish you and your family a blessed holiday season and Merry Christmas.  I had a Christmas card for you this morning and I forgot to place it in the box last night. When I went to place it in the box at 6:15 this morning but you had already delivered our items:-). Thanks for your great service. We appreciate you!

Antwinett and Gary Lee
Lynnwood, WA
1/18/2019 10:02 AM
I just wanted to give a big Thank You. You have excellent service and have been able to adjust to our unpredictable milk orders. It's been an interesting few months since we bacame customers with Smith Brothers and were put on your route, from loosing loved ones to having a new born and constant learning curbs with our current 1 1/2 yr old on top of it. We wanted to leave a holiday card, but unfortunately woke up too late to place it in the box in time. Which only shows how amazing your service has been. I'm sorry I personally was unable to greet you properly, our golden retriever is unpredictable and was making a difficult morning when you had arrived. We want to say thank you for being an amazing milk man and thank you for your service to our country. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Marcus and Andrea Ingrum
1/18/2019 10:05 AM
P.s. An additional apology for the misspelling's trying to feed two babies and type is challenging.
6/17/2019 9:21 PM
Thanks for the great service these last years (I'm not sure how many - 6 or 7?). I may not be able to order every week, but it's always a real treat to get Smith Brothers, and I've never had anything but exceptional service. I hope you're enjoying the summer, and getting plenty of hiking and fishing in!

Julia Sanders
Seattle, WA
6/20/2019 11:07 PM
Dear Justin,
Happy National Milkman Day (June 26th)!  We very much appreciate your weekly deliveries.  Thank you so much and our big dog, Rusty thanks you for the occasional dog treat.  Have a great summer with your family.
Sincerely, Kerry, Andrew, Otto, James, Ava and Rusty Richter
9/6/2019 11:48 AM
Thank you Justin, our littles LOVE you stopping by to deliver our milk. It is a BIG deal every week that they greatly enjoy. I am notified of screams of MILKMAN! every delivery day. :)
2/17/2020 7:01 PM
We love Justin our milkman. We call him the ninja because he’s so quiet! Our dog barks at EVERYTHING but somehow Justin is able to deliver milk every week without the dog even noticing. Thank you for everything you do!!