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Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Scott Sanford

Milkman Scott Sanford

Scott began his carrier as a relief milkman and is now on route 55 full time. He enjoys all his customers and the chance to be active and outside each day. Scott is from the Federal Way area and enjoys delivering milk in the great Northwest.

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11/14/2018 9:57 PM
You have been our milkman for a long time now. I have never actually met you - but we are so thankful for our weekly deliveries! It is nice to know that our milk is here first thing Friday mornings. THANK YOU!
4/29/2019 9:26 PM
Thank you for all your service, Scott!
6/20/2019 11:45 AM
Happy Early Milkman Day!
Thanks for all your timely deliveries and handling our special requests :)
6/26/2019 9:53 AM
Hello Scott!

We miss you on our route, but wanted to wish you and your family well! :) Thanks for everything you do (especially those super early mornings!)! Happy Appreciation Week! Cheers! :)

All our best,
The Feder Family