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Milk & Cream

The freshest milk, from farm to fridge. We source both our organic and conventional rBST-free milk from local Pacific Northwest dairy farms. Our farm-fresh organic milk comes from cows that spend their day on open pastures and are grass fed with a supplemental diet of certified organic grain feed. From there, we homogenize, pasteurize (never ultra-pasteurize), and package the milk, before delivering it to more than 50,000 homes around the Puget Sound. It's what we've done right since 1920.

Half gallon of rich, creamy 6% chocolate milk that’s rBST-free.
A splash of our half and half will add richness to any dish.
Enrich any dish with a splash of our half and half.
Heavy whipping cream made with 40% milk fat and gently pasteurized for farm-fresh flavor.
Made with 40% milk fat and gently pasteurized for farm-fresh flavor.
Lightly sweetened, this is the whipped topping kids ask for by name! It's the perfect topping for pie, ice cream, fruit cups and much, much more. Give it a shake and a flourish to top your dessert in style.
With lactose-free whole milk, you don’t have to ditch the dairy.
With lactose-free 2% milk, you can drink dairy with confidence.
Drink dairy with confidence with fat-free, lactose-free milk.
A naturally sweet and creamy flavored creamer.