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Milkman Favorites

In honor of National Milkman Day, we rounded up the best of Smith Brothers Farms, selected by our hard-working milkmen. 

Keep your fridge stocked with half pints of our reduced fat chocolate milk.
Treat yourself to a quart of our reduced fat chocolate milk.
$2.39 $1.99
Our popular whole milk comes in pint size for farm-fresh flavor for life on-the-go.
Half gallon of gently pasteurized whole milk delivered to your doorstep.
A splash of our half and half will add richness to any dish.
Enrich any dish with a splash of our half and half.
Dozen organic, cage-free eggs sourced from a local Northwest farm.
$5.49 $4.69
Dozen farm-fresh eggs sourced from local Washington farm.
Here's your proof that mac and cheese isn't just for kids.
$12.44 $11.24
Award-winning, artisan cheese with hints of caramel and browned butter.
$8.49 $7.69