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Milkmen: Stronger Than Yesterday

For most of us, the idea of delivering crates of milk (and more!) every day would be enough of a workout routine. That’s not the case for two of our milkmen, David and Bryce. Both have a passion for staying active and living a healthy life. And really, they’d have to be, especially since they walk almost ten miles each day on their routes!

David Weaver

Milkman David Weaver

David, born in Covington, has always had a passion for staying active in both his personal and professional life. Before life at Smith Brothers Farms, David ran his own gym and loved seeing people transform their lives. (Now he’s brightening people’s days by bringing farm-fresh milk to their doorsteps.) When David’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife of ten years, Wynter, and their two daughters. Another fun fact: David is a musician who plays drums, keyboard, and sings. In fact, he recently completed writing and recording an album, which he hopes to release soon.

Bryce Mizoguchi

Milkman Bryce Mizoguchi

If a milkman is ever out for the day, a relief milkman like Bryce steps in. They are an integral part of the Smith Brothers Farms’ team and we’re not sure what we’d do without them. Bryce, who was born in Federal Way, is one of our newest additions. When Bryce was five, his family moved to Maui where he spent his childhood. Eventually, Washington (and the rain) was calling his name and he moved back to go to school at the University of Puget Sound. While he didn’t major in Milk-ology, he did study the next best thing: physical therapy. Before life as a relief milkman, he was a personal trainer and physical therapy aid for years. Bryce is engaged and will marry his fiancé, Anastasia, this summer.

Who is your milkman?  

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