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Best organic milk
I have tried multiple brands of organic milk and this is by far the best! It is creamy for being 2% and is a favorite in our house!
| 7/9/2017 9:09 AM
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Hands Down The Best
Smith Brothers has ruined me for any other milk! I can't stand that "warm milk" taste that others have. Their milk is so fresh, crisp and delicious you'll drink only smith bros for life!
| 7/16/2017 3:15 PM
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My oldest calls  it hee magical milk she loves it and doesn't want any other kind of milk !!!
| 8/31/2017 1:49 PM
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Always Fresh!
My boys who are 9 and 11 are starting to drink a lot of milk. I love that I know we are giving them the freshest possible, we love your products!
| 10/7/2017 3:17 PM
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Wonderful but wish it had a spout!
Great milk. Daughter loves it. My only wish (and reason I sometimes don't purchase) is the carton. I wish it had a screw on plastic pour spout. Sometimes the carton doesn't open evenly and it's a pain.
| 7/11/2018 11:03 AM
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This milk taste amazing! I really appreciate that it is from their local farm.
| 8/23/2018 7:32 AM
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Super happy with your product
We had heard about Smith Brothers a lot from our neighbor and friends but had never given a thought of trying it as we were buying milk from "whole foods". One day my friend asked me if i could pick up their delivery by the porch as she forgot to skip the week's delivery (as she was out of town), and i happened to use Smith Brothers milk as we ran out of it. Since then, we have fallen in love how the milk tastes so fresh and tasty.
My only concern is the packaging, if the carton had a cap it would be really amazing !
| 12/12/2018 12:10 PM
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Best milk!
11yr old says it's the only milk he likes. All the other brands taste funny. Customer for life!
| 10/1/2019 2:33 PM
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the best milk
The milk is very fresh and even though it's reduced fat, it still is silky smooth as opposed to some of the milk we've gotten from the grocery store that tastes watered down.  It's fresh and fantastic!  
| 4/9/2020 9:34 AM
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