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The ingredients posted are not the ingredients on the can I received. The first four ingredients are cream, water, corn syrup, HF corn syrup. It doesn’t taste good, and I expected a better product from SB.
| 3/25/2019 1:54 PM
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Not even close to Reddi Wip
Starting off on a bad note, the cap broke as soon as I opened the bottle and it wouldn't seal. It tasted bad and didn't feel like real cream. Overall, not a good product from a company that usually provides very high quality products.
| 4/10/2019 3:08 PM
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Missing Reddi-wip.....
Please bring back the Reddi-wip brand. The quality of this product is just not the same....missing quick simple topping.
| 4/10/2019 3:47 PM
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This is actually light whipped cream. The taste is off and it leaves a scummy film on my coffee. Please bring back real whipped cream. The Reddi Whip was great.
| 6/16/2019 1:39 PM
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I haven’t purchased this product because of its bad reviews.  The previous whipped topping was great.  Is it no longer available?  Please bring it back if it is available.
| 6/20/2019 7:05 PM
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Trying to cut corners?
I instantly recognize this as the quite cheapest whipped product you can buy from Costco or Sysco.  I have to say, I'm disappointed at Smith Brothers for providing this and then charging such a high profit.
It isn't even cream.
| 8/29/2019 7:58 AM
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You used to sell whip that was natural flavoring and REAL sugar NOT corn syrup.  Most of us would gladly pay more for the REAL stuff.  A lot of people can't have these imitation food products any longer.
| 3/16/2020 11:45 AM
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Instant Whipped topping spray
I don't understand all the negative comments about this product. I decided to go ahead and order it anyway and am so glad I did! I love it and am ordering again, in fact, it may well be a new staple of mine!
| 5/7/2020 1:00 PM
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diane peirolo
excellent, sweet taste
| 5/17/2020 10:34 AM
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Creamy flavorful
In between store trips, I ran out of whip topping, so I ordered this with my milk delivery. I'll never use anything else. The taste is amazing. Actually real cream. I use it on my morning homemade cappacino, pies, fruit. Yum
| 6/8/2020 10:34 AM
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it'll do
listen, its not the best whipped cream I've ever had out of a can, it's a bit on the firmer side when well shaken, but if you have kids who demand whipped cream, they aren't going to care
| 10/7/2020 8:40 AM
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