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These aren't for stir fry
While the quality of the produce was excellent the size of the carrots, cabbage, and broccoli were better suited for roasting.  I likely won't be getting this again.
| 5/20/2019 8:13 AM
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Stir Fry Vegetables
I have purchased these a couple times, not good!  I love the idea of getting already prepared veggies for stir fry but luckily I have some veggies in my fridge that I was able to subsitute for the bad ones.  The cauliflower was turning black around the edges, the carrots were turning white and cracked and the pea pods were spotted!!  Would like to purchase again but am afraid to!
| 5/20/2019 1:58 PM
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Convenient and healthy
These veggies were fresh, tasty, and worked very well in a quick stir fry. I'm really happy Smith Brothers is carrying a convenient option for a quick, veggie-forward meal. There is a lot of cabbage, but I'm a cabbage fan and it cooks down to a nice 2 person portion.
| 5/21/2019 12:23 PM
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I was very disappointed with this product.. Mostly cabbage and more brown then there should have been on cut edges
| 5/26/2019 8:49 AM
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The picture is quite misleading. This mix is mostly cabbage and very large pieces at that. I didn't have a problem with the freshness of the veggies like some other folks, but the amount of cabbage vs. broccoli and carrots was very disproportionate. I used it for stir fry with success a couple of times and will purchase it again but only for convenience. I usually end up adding carrots and broccoli to make the stir fry more substantial.
| 6/4/2019 2:08 PM
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This is A Lot of cabbage, 2-yes 2 slices of carrots and about 4peas
| 6/9/2019 10:45 AM
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Low quality, flavorless and waste of money
We received a coursely-chopped bunch of stale vegetables that could not be used for anything - be it stir-fry, grill, soup or saute. Cabbage was not rotten, but just old. Carrots juiceless. Broccoli sparse. Had I seen it in the supermarket live, I'd never picked it up - these are just bad quality vegetables.
| 6/19/2019 10:32 AM
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Not a good mix...
While I really like the idea of this product it just wasn’t good. The produce was going bad and it was like 90% cabbage with only a few small pieces of broccoli and carrots. I had more vegetables on hand thankfully that went well with the great stir fry beef I received from  Smithbrothers. They have amazing products but I really haven’t had any luck with fresh produce. I think I learned my lesson this time and won’t be buying again.
| 6/23/2019 11:24 AM
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Love this product!
Wonderful product. Use it weekly or more in stir fry or other dishes. I was in quality control regarding food products and so am very picky and I have never received an inferior order of this product. Hope SB continues to stock this...or at the least brings it back in the Spring if they drop it off the list.
| 9/11/2019 1:00 PM
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Just Dont
This was terrible. I got my delivery Friday and saturday night went to make some stir fry.  The bits of cabbage and broccoli didn't look very fresh and there was very few pieces of carrot.
One piece of carrot we did get was HUGE, like 1/4 of a whole carrot in one chunk.
The peas had bad spots on their shells. We had ONE pea without a bad spot.   I ended up throwing the whole container away.
Never again.
| 9/19/2019 5:18 PM
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we like it
Yes, there's a lot of cabbage, but cabbage is good for you. Some of the carrots are large chunks....I cut them into smaller pieces. Overall, it stays fresh for days and can be added to all kinds of recipes.
| 10/21/2019 10:57 AM
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Goes bad fairly quickly, a lot of cabbage
Just two days after receiving this the cabbage was already starting to brown.  Not good.  Also, there were only three broccoli in the whole container.  But it makes for a good and quick stir fry regardless.
| 11/4/2019 2:22 PM
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Love this product
I order this almost every week. The only time I have ever had an issue is when we got too busy and this got shoved to the back of the fridge when I had no time to cook during an especially busy two weeks. Always fresh and delicious! Not sure why anyone would give poor reviews..this is handy, healthy and delicious! Pair it with the chicken strips offered here and some teriyaki sauce and you have a meal in a snap. And btw I worked in a position where product quality was vital and I was responsible for it. I am very fussy regarding the quality and freshness of food products and this is a great item.
| 11/20/2019 2:38 PM
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Not fresh
Was not fresh and not as pictured.  All cabbage.
| 1/30/2020 12:11 PM
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Arrived on its "best by" date, and already seemed a little off.
| 3/16/2020 1:39 PM
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Quick dinner side
We love these! Fresh pre cut veggies. Made a wonderful quick dinner side we enjoyed them!
| 3/25/2020 9:12 PM
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It was delivered with already brown edges and slimy broccoli.  Most of the product was cabbage, and just a few carrots & broccoli, oh and 1/4 of a pea pod.  Lol.   I do NOT recommend this product.  I think the scary thing was the date said it would be good for another week!  Whoa... no way.
| 4/4/2020 8:31 PM
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Great idea, but not great quality
While the "use by" date on these stir fry veggies is 4 days from now, I feel like if I don't use them by today (the day they were delivered) it will be too late. The cabbage is brown around the edges and the broccoli stumps are all rimmed with black and will need to be cut off. I love getting some quick fresh veggies to stir fry, but am removing this from my weekly order and won't order again. Also, the previous times I've gotten it I have to chop up the carrots because they're in very large pieces and need more cooking than the rest.
| 4/22/2020 10:47 AM
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were are the vegitables
We have enjoyed the stir-fry vegetables since the stay at home order.
But the last  order we received only had 4 carrots, three broccoli and cabbage had several pieces that were to tough to use.
| 5/5/2020 3:15 PM
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So so
I’ve purchased a lot of these.  I like the mix in general though not consistent in ratios.   My biggest complaints is some have had slimy HUGE chunks of carrots and black on the cut ends of the broccoli.  Definitely overpriced.  Lots of cabbage but I like that because it cooks down.
| 5/8/2020 10:26 AM
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Enjoyed the mix
I liked the vegetable assortment, and just the right size for 2.
| 5/14/2020 5:48 PM
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No issues here!
This was perfect for stir fry! Everything was fresh and the mix of veggies was great! My only compliant is the portion should be a little bigger for the price.
| 5/25/2020 9:09 PM
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Not fresh
I have purchased this product twice now, thinking the first time was just a fluke. The peas are again moldy, carrots are slimy and cabbage is black around the edges. About 3/4 of the package is salvageable if I cut off the moldy parts. The other half has to go to compost. I would not recommend purchasing this item.
| 6/12/2020 7:42 AM
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Not great
I gave this a try for a while because I loved the idea of just popping this open and being able to use it but the quality isn’t great.

First of all, there is no package or expiration date on any of the clamshells I ordered.  So I have no idea how old it is when it gets to me.  

Secondly, I never received a single package without brown produce in it.  That in itself isn’t that big of a deal, cut produce browns, but there were often also black spots.  The carrots were white and the 2-4 pea pods in each package were cracked and dry.

None of the produce ever looked fresh.

I’m no longer ordering this.
| 6/27/2020 10:51 AM
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Update to prior review
I’ve purchased quite a few of these.  The two problems I’ve recently found is that they are not always very fresh and my last one had two small carrot ‘chips’, two tiny broccoli florets, three wrecked half peas and half the cabbage had black on them.  Lots of core pieces as well.  It was almost like it was a container of leftovers that they couldn’t decide whether to box it up or trash it.  I’m ordering again this week but it may be the last time if it looks like the last one did.
| 7/19/2020 3:59 PM
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Not always fresh
This has been good most of the time, fresh and a good mixture of veggies. Having said that, today is the 2nd time I have received a bad one and asked for a refund. Only one piece of broccoli in it and looks like only one snow pea so mostly cabbage and some of the cabbage already has brown spots. Taking it off my regular order.
| 8/19/2020 3:24 PM
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Mostly cabbage
This worked for what I needed. I did get a bit of the cabbage core that had to be discarded. Otherwise everything was fresh. Main concern the uneven ratio of the vegetable mix. Also one cannot cook these at same rate, so I did have to manually separate things I wanted to cook for a shorter time.  Works in a pinch if not planning on visiting my regular produce shop before delivery day.
| 8/26/2020 1:27 PM
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