You've Been Referred

How It Works
Your friend thinks you’d love to experience the joy of delivery days! Every week, your neighborhood milkman or milkwoman will bring farm-fresh dairy, time-saving meal items, and delightful snacks to you and your family. Home delivery is a lot of fun and you’ll look forward to it every week. Signing up is quick, easy, and risk-free.

Join Smith Brothers Farms with the promo code Friend25 and mention your friend’s full name in the “How Did You Hear About Us” field. You'll get $25 off your first delivery order. Plus, your friend will also get $25! If you received an email invitation, you may see a number in the “How Did You Hear About Us” field, and that's perfectly normal.
1. Set Up Your Account
Signing up is free, quick, and 100% risk-free (cancel anytime!). We need just a few details from you, and you’re ready to go.
2. Shop Milk and More
Start by creating your standing order. You can build a standing order for weekly or every-other-week delivery. You can add products for one-time only delivery after you've finalized your standing order. Shop and explore all we have to offer!
3. Your Milkman Arrives
When you're done, we will contact you to let you know when you can expect your first delivery, the name of your milkman and more!
Free Delivery
Delivery is always free when your order total is $10 or more. If your order is less than $10, there is a $2.99 minimum order fee. With so much great stuff to choose from, we're confident you will never have to pay a minimum order fee!

Your Porchbox
To give you the traditional milk delivery experience, an insulated porch box is included with your first delivery. It sits on your front porch awaiting the milkman each week, ensuring your products stay safe, cool and fresh.