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Sterino Farms

Situated in the foothills of Mount Rainier, the Puyallup River Valley has a rich history of agriculture. It was the pure sandy loam soil created by Mount Rainier that made the region a haven for growing raspberries and blackberries. The fertile soil, along with the relatively mild climate, attracted European settlers, including Italian immigrant, Michael Sterino. Michael and his wife set sail for Ellis Island in 1923 where they eventually settled in Tacoma and bought what they called a “little piece of heaven”- 15 acres in Fife. When Michael's son, Louie, took over the farm, the construction of I-5 in 1959 began, splitting the farm in half and destroying much of its viability. But Louie’s son, Jack, was determined to keep the farm running. Jack purchased a 20-acre farm across the street in 1974, reviving the family business. He began growing lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, and celery and eventually expanded the farm another 100 acres. For the next 28 years, Sterino Farms produced and sold fresh high-quality fruits and vegetables from their Fife farm to both locals and wholesalers across the Northwest. With the Port of Tacoma expanding and farmland diminishing, the family purchased another 35 acres off 52nd Street East in Puyallup becoming a fresh site for the family business, where it still stands today. Four generations later, Jake continues to successfully run the family farm with his son, Gavin, and carry on the Sterino tradition of quality. 

Add a pop of color to your meals with delicate raspberries.
Big, plump blackberries grown fresh in the Puyallup Valley.

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