Sugar Bee Apples - 2 lbs

Sugar Bee Apples - 2 lbs


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On a sunny day, one industrious bee collected pollen from a Honeycrisp blossom and landed on another apple blossom. Mother Nature did her part and the SugarBee Apple was born!  Because this apple formed from the cross-pollination of a honey bee and has a sugary-sweet flavor, the growers dubbed them Sugar Bee Apples.

Sugar Bee Apples are a celebration of natural sweetness and crisp texture. They are large and round, with bright red and yellow coloring, and are unbelievably sugar-sweet, crisp, and juicy. Whether you choose to use them to bake a classic apple pie, savor them as a healthy and convenient snack, or slice them into a fresh salad for an extra crunch, these apples bring a delightful burst of flavor to your table.