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Crowd Cow Grain-Finished Ground Beef - 1 lb.


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A pound of grain-finished, dry-aged ground beef sourced straight from local farms.

If you enjoy your beef to be rich, mellow, and mildly savory, try this grain-finished ground beef sourced straight from Pacific Northwest and northern California farms. Made from pasture-raised, grain-finished dry-aged beef, it tastes unlike any ground beef you’d find at the grocery store. 

Crowd Cow works with only the best independent Pacific Northwest farms run by families who have dedicated their lives to raising high-quality meat you can trust.  Raised on open pastures and never subject to concentrated feedlots, unnecessary antibiotics or growth hormones, with a mix of natural grasses, corn, peas and other vegetables raised on or near the farm - this is grain-finished beef done right.

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Gluten Free
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