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Greek Yogurt

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We can't promise our Greek yogurt will transport you to the Mediterranean, but it will be creamy and delicious.

Zesty lemon curd mixes beautifully with rich Greek yogurt.
Sweet marionberries swirled with velvety Greek yogurt.
Velvety Greek yogurt that's swirled with zesty lemon curd.
Rich, creamy Greek yogurt made with a traditional family recipe.
Sweet-tart marionberries swirled with creamy Greek yogurt.
Rich, unsweetened Greek yogurt topped with hearty muesli.
Handcrafted Greek yogurt with the perfect blend of Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla.
Creamy and indulgent Greek yogurt blended with honey.
Thick Greek yogurt sweetened with honey.
Sweet and tender strawberries beneath a layer of low-fat Greek yogurt.