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Rotating produce box featuring a flavorful mix of locally-grown fruits and veggies.
Tender-flaky crust topped with creamy pumpkin pie filling spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Pumpkin muffins topped with vanilla cream cheese and pumpkin seeds.
$7.99 $7.49
Handmade pumpkin puree is perfectly complemented by Ellenos thick and creamy Greek yogurt.
Pumpkin pie meets Greek yogurt in this handcrafted creation.
Vegan vanilla cake donut bites dipped in a festively flavored glaze.
Slightly sweet bread baked with comforting fall flavors.
Four pack of traditional kettle boiled pumpkin spice bagels.
Satisfy your pumpkin-spice tooth with this seasonal cream cheese spread.
Artisan pizza dough ball made with organic flours.
Six hard-boiled free-range eggs in the shell.
Six individually wrapped, free-range hard-boiled eggs.
$5.99 $5.65
A pack of two pasture raised hard-boiled eggs pre-peeled with salt and pepper.
$2.29 $2.04
Rich, creamy Greek yogurt swirled with sweet-and-tart key lime curd and topped with a graham cracker crumble.
Thick and creamy Greek Yogurt with homemade coconut cream pie filling and a crumbly cookie topping.
Slow-roasted and lightly seasoned sliced turkey.
Hearty smoking brings a classic German tradition to your sandwich.
A slow-cured Italian classic with a San Francisco twist.
Thinly sliced Italian dry-cured ham.
An award-winning cheddar-style cheese hand-rubbed with espresso and lavender.
A melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate truffle bar with crunchy toffee and Pacific sea salt.
A classic cream pie full of coconut flavor.
An all-time classic with a chocolate cookie crust.
Light and fluffy buttermilk biscuits handmade in Seattle.
Buttery shortbread cookies hand-decorated for fall.
Buttery shortbread cookies covered in a colorful sugar crust.