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How Our Service Works

Home delivery is a lot of fun. It’s also the best way to get farm-fresh milk and local groceries delivered weekly to you and your family. There are no service or subscription fees or contracts, so don't worry about a thing. Our flexible service allows you to pause or cancel anytime - no charge.
1. Set Up Your Account
Signing up is free, quick, and easy. We need just a few details from you, and you’re ready to shop!
2. Customize Your Order
Build your "standing order" with our farm-fresh milk and eggs, plus hundreds of your favorite foods from local kitchens.
3. Your Milkman Arrives
Your orders are hand-delivered on the same day and time each week by your friendly neighborhood milkman.
Free Delivery
Your first delivery is FREE, and delivery is always free when your order total is $10 or more. If your order is less than $10, there is a $2.99 minimum order delivery charge.

After you finish signing up, we’ll let you know who your milkman is and what day we are in your neighborhood.
Your Porchbox
Due to recent, unprecedented demand, new customers' first few deliveries will be made in an insulated red bag. New customers will receive their insulated Smith Brothers Farms porch box a few weeks after sign-up.
That’s it! There are no other charges, subscriptions, or service fees, and you can easily skip your order or cancel at any time.
The Freshest Milk
We source both our organic and conventional milk from trusted family farms in the Pacific Northwest, making us proud purveyors of freshness and quality. All our dairy products are Kosher certified and free from rBST, keeping your family’s milk as pure and wholesome as you expect.
Raw milk is delivered to us daily and processed within 24 hours to ensure we deliver the freshest milk possible.
Our milk comes from local, Pacific Northwest dairy farms to your home in just 24-48 hours.
Our pasteurization method uses a lower temp for a longer period of time, bringing you farm-to-fridge freshness with every sip.
Quality Food for Your Family
We partner with local companies and artisans, to bring you fresh flavors from around the Pacific Northwest.