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Our Century-Long Story

Smith Brothers Farms is a local family-owned and operated dairy that has been serving the greater Puget Sound area for more than 90 years. We have grown to be one of the largest independent dairies in the region, processing and delivering the freshest milk and select Northwest products to more than 50,000 homes every week.

Founder Benjamin Smith


Benjamin F. Smith starting Smith Brothers Farms with just one cow and a few customers. The Smith family has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Business ventures have included an airplane landing strip and the Smith Tractor & Equipment Company.

Old-fashioned Refrigerator


The refrigerator becomes commonplace in American homes. With refrigeration, daily milk delivery is no longer a necessity, but Smith Brothers Farms continues to thrive. Our customers know that milk tastes best when delivered fresh.

Vintage Smith Brothers Milk Cartons


Research indicates that light exposure may compromise the taste and freshness of milk, and we made the change from glass bottles to recyclable cartons. Customers often ask for glass bottles. While glass bottles look great and are reminiscent of a by-gone era, our cardboard cartons are better for your milk, and the environment.

Cows in Field


Many dairies start using rBST to increase milk production. We are proud of our commitment to the highest quality standards; our milk has always been 100% rBST free.

Dairy Farmers of Washington Seal


The federal government changes dairy regulations, resulting in the decision to sell the farm in Royal City. Since 2006, all of our milk has been sourced from local, Pacific Northwest dairy farms. We have developed relationships with some of the finest, most skilled dairy farmers in the area, who adhere to strict standards for land use, animal care and quality.

Organic Milk from Smith Brothers Farms


Smith Brothers Farms begins producing USDA certified organic dairy products. Our organic milk comes from Pacific Northwest cows that are pasture raised and grass fed (weather permitting), supplemented with certified organic grain feed.

Family Members Dusty, Todd and Craig


Smith Brothers Farms moves a few miles from the original farm into a state-of-the-art processing and bottling facility. The company has been in the Smith family for over 4 generations, with extended family members involved at every level of the company from Milkman to CEO.

Website Screenshot


Smith Brothers Farms goes high-tech with a new website. Customers can now use their mobile devices to check weekly specials and update their upcoming delivery. This major technology project also lays the foundation for future technology improvements and new features.