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What do you keep in your pantry? Stock up with a variety of foods to stave off mid-meal hunger.

This natural peanut butter is made with 99% fresh roasted peanuts with just a dash of salt.
A delicious, natural one-ingredient peanut butter made locally in Kingston.
Enjoy the breakfast classic in a convenient grab-and-go cup.
$2.39 $1.89
A grab-and-go pancake made with peanut butter and dark chocolate.
$2.39 $1.89
Enjoy a warm, fresh flapjack on-the-go.
$2.39 $1.89
A dark chocolate muffin in a cup that’s ready in a minute.
$2.39 $1.89
Enjoy a lightly sweet one-minute muffin cup that’s packed with protein.
$2.39 $1.89
Warm muffin studded with blueberries is a convenient breakfast staple.
$2.39 $1.89
Moist, fluffy apple cinnamon muffin cup packed with protein to fuel your day.
$2.39 $1.89
High protein granola made with whole grain oats and peanut butter.