Fat Free Milk - Half Gallon


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Half gallon of gently pasteurized fat-free milk straight from the cow delivered to your doorstep.

Don’t confuse fat free with flavor free. We know that a lot of Whole-Milk Drinkers may turn up their nose at the idea of drinking milk with no fat. But one sip of Smith Brothers Farms’ Fat-Free Milk may just change their mind. We gently pasteurize our rBST-free milk, which guarantees a farm-fresh flavor! 

  • Low Fat
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free
Product Reviews
Another reason
This milk, is another reason I love Smith Brothers Farms!  Totally as stated, and is not watery!
Delicious !

Had Smith Brothers delivery about 25 years ago.
I have recently signed back up and I am so happy
I did. The Fat Free milk so much better than the supermarket.
Husband agrees with the 2%.
The Cottage cheese was decadent. I ate 1/2 a tub when I received my first order. It's that good.
We also haven't had Chocolate Milk in years, so we treat ourselves to a Quart a week.
All of the dairy products are rich in flavor and creamy.
I am so happy to be back with Smith Brothers.

Best Non-Fat Milk Hands Down
We have had Smith Bros Non-fat Milk delivered for 30 years! We always make sure we order enough because the grocery store brands do not compare!!
Best fat-free milk. Period.
We have tried many, many brands over the years but Smith Bros fat-free milk is by far the best. It's still creamy without being watery. Much fresher tasting than anything you can get in the store.
Loving this milk for 18 years
We've tried other store brands of fat Free milk but they were always watery and didn't taste good. Ever since we tried Smith Brothers Fat Free milk 18 yrs back, been not had anything else. SBF Fat free milk tastes smooth, healthy and good, not watered down. We can't have any other fat free milk anymore.
Smooth milk
Very delicious and smooth, so fresh!