Smith Brothers Farms Organic 2% Milk - Half Gallon

Smith Brothers Farms Organic 2% Milk - Half Gallon


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Half gallon of certified organic reduced fat 2% milk.

With Smith Brothers Farms’ Organic Reduced Fat 2% Milk, you can feel good about the milk you buy for your family. Our rBST-free, non-GMO milk has been gently pasteurized. (Here’s a fun fact that’s sure to impress your family at the dinner table: a French microbiologist by the name of Louis Pasteur conducted the first pasteurization tests way back in 1862!) Our milk comes from happy, healthy cows that have been pasture-raised on local Pacific Northwest farms where premium grass and minerals await them. One sip, and you’ll learn why we’re famous for our milk.

  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free