Dailys Honey Cured Bacon - 1.5 lbs

Dailys Honey Cured Bacon - 1.5 lbs


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Thick slices of honey-cured hardwood smoked bacon.

Ah, bacon. It sure makes everything taste better, doesn’t it? Sandwiches, scallops, and hey, even doughnuts. Daily’s Premium Meats has been making the finest quality smoked meat since 1893 and have developed an almost legendary reputation for its consistent bacon quality. This fresh-sliced, center-cut bacon is smoked for 6 ½ to 10 hours with natural hardwood smoke (never any liquid or artificial smoke) and cured with honey giving it a sweet-and-savory salty goodness flavor! Get Daily’s Honey Cured Bacon delivered to your doorstep and try for yourself.

Note: Please refrigerate or freeze immediately upon receiving. 

  • Gluten Free