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Cucina Fresca Wild Mushroom Ravioli - 10 oz.

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Seasonal ravioli filled wild mushrooms, spinach, and ricotta cheese.

From late summer to early fall, it’s wild mushroom season in the Pacific Northwest, and Cucina Fresca has taken advantage of the seasonal ingredient. Mushrooms add a deep savory flavor to dishes and are as meaty as a cut of beef – yet still perfect for vegetarians. To make the filling, Cucina Fresca starts by sautéing three kinds of mushrooms (cremini, portabella, and porcini) in sweet cream butter. Next, they are mixed with spinach, ricotta cheese, and seasoned with fresh herbs. Simmer for a few minutes, toss in creamy alfredo sauce, and serve with a light green salad for a ready-in-minutes weeknight dinner that’s bursting with flavor.

Note: Product is good for 25 days from receipt.

Local Brands: Cucina Fresca