Ellenos Tart Cherry Greek Yogurt – 16 oz

Ellenos Tart Cherry Greek Yogurt – 16 oz


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Sweet-tart cherry puree layered under Greek yogurt.

A little sweet and a little tart, Ellenos Tart Cherry Greek Yogurt combines the juicy red superfruit with creamy Greek yogurt. Every bite is sure to please! This 16-ounce container is perfect for sharing – divvy up as much or as little as you want. Like all of Ellenos yogurts, it starts with pure, pasteurized whole milk sourced directly from local farms. The unique touch is their little secret. It’s a distinct, family blend of probiotic cultures they've nurtured over the years of small-batch yogurt making at home. With a little careful tending, those cultures take that perfect milk and turn it into Greek yogurt perfection.

  • Kosher