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When there's no time to make a home-cooked supper, we've got your back. Enjoy our locally-sourced products as an entree or a side. 

Gluten-free manicotti ready to heat-and-eat in minutes.
Enjoy the ultimate comfort food in this gluten-free dish.
Enjoy a classic Italian dish featuring Beecher’s award-winning cheese.
Oven-roasted potatoes covered in a rich, creamy cheese sauce.
Here's your proof that mac and cheese isn't just for kids.
Easy to prepare macaroni and cheese wagon wheels with hidden pureed veggies.
White meat chicken patties and pureed vegetables in a whole grain breading.
Silky-smooth fettuccine handmade in Seattle.
Handmade pasta wraps filled with the best tasting cheeses available.
Ravioli filled wild mushrooms, spinach, and ricotta cheese.