Garden Fresh Foods is not just a family-owned business; they are a family. Their employees ascribe to and rally around company core values – forward-thinking, positive, reliable, diligent, resourceful, and most importantly, ethical. Over the years through research, development, and attention to detail Garden Fresh Foods cultivated an obsession for creating the world’s best-tasting potato. In partnership with Smith Brothers Farms, they are bringing their popular fresh potatoes out of highly praised cafés and into your home.

The ingredients selected for Garden Fresh Foods hash browns are simply local, farm-fresh potatoes. Always fresh and never frozen; Garden Fresh Foods employs a unique and proprietary process for producing a fresh, flavorful, clean-label, better-tasting potato with superior texture without the use of additives or preservatives. You can taste the difference!

To find out more about what fresh-cut solutions Garden Fresh Foods offers check out their website.