Seasonal Harvest Produce Box

Seasonal Harvest Produce Box


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Rotating produce box featuring a flavorful mix of fresh fruits and veggies.

We teamed up with Pacific Coast Fruit Company to bring the farmers' market straight to your doorstep! With our CSA-inspired Seasonal Harvest Produce Box, you can enjoy the season's bounty. Rotating every few weeks, each box includes a rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies and will be delivered alongside your existing order in a separate box.

Here's what you can expect to find in the current box (starting with deliveries on Monday, August 1st):

  • Celery – Ippolito International

  • Organic Radishes – Dharma Farms (Washington)

  • Organic Carrots – Ralph’s Greenhouse (Washington)

  • Organic Honey Gold Potatoes – RPE

  • Bartlett Pears – Sierra Gold Nurseries

  • Galia Melon – Turlock Fruit

  • Plumcots – Family Tree Farms

*Produce selection may vary depending on freshness and availability