Owens Meats Ground Beef 85/15 – 1 lb

Owens Meats Ground Beef 85/15 – 1 lb


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One pound of 85% lean ground beef.

Made from 100% choice beef, Owens Meats Ground Beef is 85% lean meat and 15% fat, meaning it cooks up extremely tender and flavorful. It not only tastes great, but we also love ground beef for its versatility. Whether it’s grilling some juicy hamburgers for game day, whipping up a cozy bowl of chili, or rolling into meatballs, you can do so much with Owens Meats Ground Beef. Give it a try with your next Smith Brothers Farms weekly delivery order!

*Your ground beef will be delivered frozen along with a gel pack and dry ice (placed underneath the plate in your porch box) to keep it cool. You should retrieve your ground beef as soon as possible and store it in your freezer or refrigerator.