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Great flavor
We tried this coffee and it has great flavor, not bitter not weak. I order each delivery.
| 7/18/2020 5:10 PM
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Balanced, fresh, and aromatic
A week thought out blend. Balanced flavor profile that can be enjoyed daily. Wouldn't use in an espresso machine but is easily adapted for a standard drip, French, or aeropress. Easily approachable by new coffee drinkers or connoisseurs. Product was in great condition and roasted recently. Adding to my delivery schedule for sure.
| 4/8/2020 8:32 AM
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Easy Brew
I normally love a strong dark bean, but this one is light, and still nice - no harsh notes. Ground and brewed with my Saeco.
| 2/11/2020 11:11 AM
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Pretty Good
I ground it on a medium setting and used in my drip coffee maker. It's got a great taste, not too bold, not too weak, no weird metallic taste. I received a bag that was roasted about a week before so it was fresh. Good offering.
| 1/26/2020 5:10 PM
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Super fresh for me - amazing scent and flavor. Ground on my Baratza Encore at 20 for drip coffee and 30 for my French press. I’m settled in with 20:1 water coffee ratio for both and like it a lot. I’ll keep ordering as long as it’s around.
| 1/23/2020 12:51 PM
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I had great hopes for my morning cup of special Smith Brothers coffee but found the beans very dry and, as a result, very dusty when ground. The first few cups were really weak though I used my usual amount of grounds. Even when adding more coffee in subsequent cups, the flavor was weak and rather metallic. If you love your coffee with flavor and body, this isn’t it.
| 1/21/2020 11:00 AM
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