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So tasty and smooth!
The mango is nicely tangy and pairs amazingly well with the creamy yogurt.  This is my go-to dessert treat!  Gonna try it frozen because I’ve heard it’s even better than ice cream.
| 2/6/2018 9:53 PM
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Nutrition Fact Checker Needed!
So this yogurt is seriously good! The mango flavor really shines through and is really enhanced by the tang of the yogurt! I am totally trying the other flavors! This next bit is not a ding on the product, rather the labeling of the nutrition facts, which I read as I was licking the yummy yogurt off the spoon. According to the label Serving Size: 4oz,  Servings Per Container 4... 4? This would mean the container of yogurt that I had just eaten would be 16oz! Granted the container comes with a resealable lid, so it is totally possible to get more than one portion out of this container. Being fairly descent with spacial relations I was having a hard time believing the container I was holding was 16 oz. However, for a second there I was a little horrified at the fact that I may have eaten a pound of yogurt like one comfort eats a pint of Ice Cream, without having the decency to know I needed to put on a movie to mark the occasion. No more licking yummy yogurt off the spoon as I quickly verify the net weight on the package, then double check my findings on my Smith Brothers order, and the Ellenos website. Yup, 8 oz. Now reassured that there are only in fact 2 servings of yogurt in this container, and that those servings are in fact only 129 calories apiece I can go back to my yogurt. Sorry "Pride & Prejudice," I will have to watch your fine eyes another day.
| 2/18/2018 8:33 PM
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