Seattle Kombucha Company Raspberry Rose - 12 oz.

Seattle Kombucha Company Raspberry Rose - 12 oz.


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Sparkling kombucha with a delightfully fruity and floral flavor.

Combining fresh raspberries with fragrant rosehip, this bubbly kombucha is light and fruity with a soft, floral finish. Enjoy straight as is, or for a unique twist on the classic mimosa, mix with champagne. Cheers!

  • Low Fat
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
Product Reviews
Tasty and fruity, but a little pricey.
The Raspberry Rose offering from Seattle Kombucha is fruity, bit sweet, and approachable. Certainly enjoyed this and other flavors, though would really like to see a lower price point to match the smaller size. Definitely looking forward to seeing other flavor offerings.