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Pastries & Desserts

Whether in a roll, pan or bar, our pastries and desserts are just right to quell your craving. If you feel guilty, add baby carrots to your next delivery.

Succulent cheesecake blended with eggnog made with fresh, local ingredients.
A shortbread crust layered with an indulgent pecan pie filling.
Rich and gooey with lots of cinnamon and frosting, best served warm.
Made with farm-fresh dairy and local flour. Shelf life is 5 days after receipt of product.
Fresh creamery butter layered with lightly sweet dough, hand formed into the classic crescent shape and baked until golden brown. Six 2-oz. croissants.
An all-time favorite, almost as good as mom makes it. Excellent with a pat of butter and some coffee or juice in the morning.
Big brownie taste in bite size pieces. Shelf life is 5 days after receipt of product.
A rich fudgy pound cake made with 3 kinds of chocolate.
Perfect, just a hint of lemon and citrus. Shelf life is 5 days after receipt of product.
Signature New York batter on a chocolate cookie crust, then swirled with an exciting blend of the finest Northwest-grown blueberries, raspberries marionberries. Serves one. Manufactured in a facility that handles peanuts and tree nuts.