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Featured & Seasonal

Enjoy these seasonal favorites today. They won't be around forever!

A meatless version of the popular Italian sauce.
Crunchy granola seasoned with fragrant fall flavors.
Sweet figs and sharp bleu cheese make for a dynamic flavor pairing in this seasonal ravioli.
$5.99 $5.29
Northwest-style clam chowder with bacon is a rainy-day favorite.
Snack better on-the-go with this irresistibly smooth and smoky hummus.
Tell someone how sweet they are with a heart-shaped box filled with assorted chocolate truffles.
When words aren’t enough, there’s always a box of chocolate truffles.
Treat your Valentine to a bright-and-bubbly truffle bar.
Sweet meets salty in this truffle bar from Seattle Chocolate.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with a cupcake-inspired truffle bar.