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Featured & Seasonal

Enjoy these seasonal favorites today. They won't be around forever!

Unsweetened oatmilk delivered to your door.
Enjoy fresh, perfectly blended restaurant-style salsa at home.
Our sweet, velvety strawberry milk will have you swooning with delight.
Enjoy a lightly sweet one-minute muffin cup that’s packed with protein.
There’s nothing better than fresh, red-ripe strawberries delivered to your door.
Made locally, this heart-shaped strawberry cheesecake is perfect for any occasion!
A delicately sweet cream cheese blended with real strawberries.
This pink chocolate truffle bar will satisfy your craving for strawberry shortcake.
Say thanks with a chocolate truffle bar.
Thick, creamy Greek yogurt swirled with a sweet-and-tangy blueberry compote.