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Beecher's Handmade Cheese

For Kurt Beecher Dammeier, Beecher’s fulfilled an ambition of his beyond just making great cheese. He has long felt passionately about eating food free of harmful additives and preservatives. He also believes that people should know more about the food they eat: where it comes from, what goes into it, and how it is made. At the Pike Place Market location, customer's have a full view of Beecher's kitchen, allowing customers to see how their cheese is made. It's performance art at it's best (because you get to eat it!). 

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Award-winning, artisan cheese with hints of caramel and browned butter.
Mild Monterey jack cheese straight from the heart of Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market.
Direct from the northwest, enjoy the "World's Best" mac & cheese with Beecher's award-winning Flagship and Just Jack cheeses. With a perfect touch of spice and mixed with penne pasta for a meal that redefines mac & cheese.
With a cheesy sauce made with a generous amount of Beecher's cheese, this rich enchilada bowl is full of flavor and quick to satisfy. Beecher’s cheese and roasted vegetables within layers of blue corn tortillas.
With the nutty, creamy flavor of rich, aged cheese leading the way this enchilada bowl is full of flavor and great for an easy lunch. Spicy red sauce, Beecher’s cheese, and roasted vegetables layered with blue corn tortillas.

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