Erin Bakers Fruit & Nut Granola - 12 oz

Erin Bakers Fruit & Nut Granola - 12 oz


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Homestyle granola made with whole grain oats, nuts, and fruit.

Granola is more than a breakfast cereal. It’s a versatile ingredient that works well in a lot of recipes. You can make granola bars, use in baking, top yogurt or a salad, add to smoothies. Or as we like to do, eat it straight out of the bag. Erin Baker’s Fruit and Nut Granola eats like a trail mix. It’s loaded with walnuts, almonds, plump cranberries and California raisins, with a hint of toasted coconut. 

“Every purchase from Smith Brothers Farms goes towards feeding kids at the Boys and Girls Club. It’s that simple” - Erin Baker - Founder 
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