The warmth and good food that are the soul of Macrina Bakery & Café owe their origins to owner-chef Leslie Mackie who is one of the most esteemed figures on the national artisan baking scene. 

While searching for a name for this new bakery, Leslie wanted something that wasn't connected to any country or culture, yet reflecting her philosophy. She eventually settled on Macrina, the fourth-century Greek mystic and visionary, who is said to have started one of the first communities that held property and emphasized a simple self-sufficient life. Leslie cares deeply about the connection between bread and the communion of sharing, and has based Macrina Bakery on the model of a traditional, old-world village bakery. The bakery uses as many indigenous products as possible, along with organic grains and natural ingredients. 

The bakers at Macrina love bread and that shows in the quality. This is bread that celebrates the tradition of breaking bread with family and friends.

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