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Cucina Fresca

Cucina Fresca Gourmet Foods began making handcrafted pastas in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market more than 30 years ago. Since its humble beginnings, this small mom-and-pop shop has moved twice to meet community demand. Chef-owned and operated, Cucina Fresca remains true to its roots, guided by a philosophy of “product over profit". 

Check out all they have to offer at Cucina Fresca

This rich and creamy cheese sauce is a decadent pleasure.
Silky-smooth fettuccine handmade in Seattle.
Handmade pasta wraps filled with the best tasting cheeses available.
Fresh marinara sauce that’s rich in flavor and color.
Bold, fragrant pesto sauce is a delightful summer treat.
Fresh pasta filled with spinach and the best tasting cheeses available.
Creamy tomato sauce with a little kick.
Fresh ravioli filled with lemon and ricotta.
Tender pasta stuffed with sweet peas, tarragon, and ricotta cheese.