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Essential Baking Company

Essential Bakery's core purpose is to nourish the body and soul of the community by providing superior artisan baked goods, using only the highest quality ingredients. They do this with passion, integrity, innovation, and authenticity. Many of their products are hand-crafted by skilled artisans in their Seattle and Portland Bakeries. They are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible while maintaining the highest respect for their employees, customers, and business partners.

If you can't visit a bakery, check out Essential Baking. You may not be able to smell the fresh baked goods, but at least you can see all they have to offer!

Fresh, artisan baked Italian bread from local bakery.
Superior artisan multi-grain bread that’s gluten-free.
Fresh, artisan baked sourdough bread from a local bakery.
Two pack of organic ready-to-heat-and-eat thin pizza crust.
$5.99 $4.99

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