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I’ve been looking for a non dairy creamer without sugar but good flavor and super creamy like the dairy creamers. This is the closest I’ve found. Very creamy and low in sugar.
| 5/3/2020 9:30 PM
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Great taste, low sugar, non-dairy option
I've never had this before but found that it is now my fave go to for creamer if I'm wanting some "sweetness" and flavor.

The part I love about this is that it is non-dairy so works for anyone I know and despite it being both Vanilla and low sugar, it doesn't have that gross chemical taste that others (looking at you coffeemate) have.

Excellent choice for those who are sugar conscious and looking to add some creamy flavor to their coffee without the gross factor.
| 5/21/2020 1:17 PM
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| 5/21/2020 3:41 PM
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Not what you expect
It tastes very sour in your coffee. All the creamers in this brand that I’ve tried so far has been not pleasant. This has been the “emergency, nothing left to put in my coffee” creamer. Nobody touches it at our house it’s just not good.
| 5/23/2020 11:00 AM
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great soy milk substitute
I usually use soy milk, but I really enjoy this creamer. it's a little sweet for my taste, but it's creamy and delicious.
| 6/1/2020 8:04 AM
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Not great
I ordered despite a review or two that said it was sour. Hoping it was just a matter of preference. But it really does add a funky taste to my coffee. I didn’t finish the bottle. I prefer adding regular  almond milk, over this oat creamer.
| 7/21/2020 10:12 AM
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We solved the taste-a-like
I had high hopes for this creamer since I find oatmilk to be creamier than other non-dairy.  It is too vanilla-y for my liking, but my husband doesn't mind it.  He also said it tastes like play-dough.  Right he is... That funky taste others talk about spot on is the same way playdough smells.  Lol.
| 2/6/2021 9:12 AM
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