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Product reviews for Organic Whole Milk - Half Gallon

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Great Product - Outstanding Service!!!
Quality products for all family members 🥛👍
| 2/2/2021 2:00 AM
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Great Service... milk and cartons USUALLY great
Outstanding service.  Kids love the taste.  Started the service early in the pandemic, like many others.   The milk tastes great.  Delivery is always consistently at the same time and early enough I could get it into the fridge before the heat in the summer.  

A few complaints and frustrations:

Half gallons are easy to store in the fridge but with 3 boys, the 9 cartons were a little annoying to bring in.  (Also the large box I have only holds 9 cartons, so I have quite a supply red cooler bags, we use them for just about everything!)

A few times over the last year we've gotten maybe 10 cartons that were a little chunky.  The milk hadn't gone bad but had little white chunks in it.  Grossed the kids out.  And the milk is too expensive to just toss so I got the fine mesh strainer out.  Just an annoyance and makes me wonder about the overall quality of the milk.

We've also gotten a few cartons that were leaking as I brought them in the house.  Not common but considering the cost of each drop..... irritating and messy.

Cost!  This organic whole milk is about 50% more than the one I get at the grocery store.  I expect to pay more but going through 3-4 gallons a week, it adds up.  BUT it has reduced my grocery store trips, which reduces unnecessary impulse purchases and saves my time. Offsets some of the extra cost.

We have enjoyed the service and have decided to keep it even though we're venturing out into the world more now.
| 1/25/2021 10:04 AM
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5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I was raised on Smith Brothers 2%, my wife raised on 1%. This Organic Whole Milk from Smith Bro’s is the best! My one year old will be raised drinking this milk! He loves it!!! I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!
| 1/10/2021 4:40 PM
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Tastes like real milk
Love it! you must try it if you haven't yet.
| 12/30/2020 9:54 AM
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Such good milk!
Not ultra pasteurized so it tastes so good!
| 10/19/2020 4:52 PM
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Vitamin A? Not needed
I was disappointed to see vitamin A is added to this milk. This is unnecessary in whole milk and preformed vitamin A (like what is added to this milk) can be unhealthy for pregnant women.
| 9/24/2020 2:20 PM
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We love Smith Bro’s Organic milk, it’s great quality and you can really taste the difference. Highly recommend.
| 8/18/2020 7:10 PM
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We all love the milk!!!
Our kids love this milk.. and milkman is so accurate and thanks for the timely delivery week after week.... no issues..
| 7/29/2020 1:04 PM
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Good quality
Good taste
| 6/16/2020 1:07 AM
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Excellent milk
This is good milk. I grew up on a farm and I'm sort of a snob about milk and butter and this milk is some of the best I've had in the Northwest so far. plus, I love the fact it's not in a plastic container.
| 4/11/2020 11:49 AM
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Some foreign particles found inside the milk
Some foreign particles of size 1.2 x 0.8 cm, black in color was found inside the milk carton, which was delivered to us on 4/9. Pictures and the substance is currently with us as proof.
| 4/10/2020 6:47 PM
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Delicious and Fresh!
We love this whole organic milk and order it weekly.  From the first try, we've been impressed with the fresh goodness with each pour!  Delicious in cooking and baking too!!
| 3/29/2020 6:05 PM
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Love this milk!
| 3/18/2020 7:44 AM
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I love the taste of this fresh organic milk. Also, the packaging is very good. I always order it.
| 12/12/2019 11:19 AM
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Never Look Back
This milk is the absolute best milk that my husband or I have ever tasted in our individual lives. We gave it a go and never looked back. It’s so creamy, we even use it as mild creamer sometimes. On a smaller note: It’s just really exciting to have a milk box. The milk appears every Thursday morning before 10am. My extended family is jealous that they’re not in the area. Smith Brothers is such a blessing I want to cry a little bit.
| 12/4/2019 9:04 AM
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Impressive Shelf Life!
We don't use a bunch of milk and i am super surprised on how long it stays fresh in the fridge! Its still going strong a month later!
| 9/26/2019 12:38 PM
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I use this weekley for cereal and baking, and it is an essential piece of my daily latte ritual
| 9/13/2019 6:48 PM
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Best Quality, Best Taste
I have a young daughter.  When we transitioned her from formula to fresh milk we knew we wanted to give her best quality organic milk.  We tried other brands but Smith Bros. is the brand we have come to love!  It's so good for you and yummy!
| 11/15/2018 9:36 AM
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The best.
This is simply the best tasting organic whole milk. Ive shopped QFC, Safeway and PCC. This is the best.
| 2/27/2018 6:56 PM
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Best Milk
It is so good, my family and I love it!
| 2/6/2018 5:16 PM
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Creamy perfection
I love drinking this milk, it is creamy, and makes store milk obsolete. Makes an amazing latte!
| 1/15/2018 8:08 AM
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Love it!
My daughter loves this milk! she will not drink any other kind and her tummy can only handle the smith brothers organic whole milk, definitely worth the price!
| 11/16/2017 7:43 PM
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At first I was skeptical as to whether or not going organic was worth the difference in price. I can say without a doubt that this milk is worth every penny. My digestion has gotten better and I am once again able to enjoy some of my favorite things, like cereal and other stuff.

Thank you smith brothers for delivering what is the best milk I have hadnoutside of being on a farm.
| 10/23/2017 9:02 AM
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The best!
My son loves this milk! I've tried buying the store brand organic milk and it just sits in the fridge, he'll take a sip and say no thank you. When I give him the Smith Brothers organic milk he drinks it right up.
| 10/7/2017 7:30 PM
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We love it
My kids will only drink this kind!!
| 9/27/2017 10:48 AM
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organic milk
It is the best milk on the market. I would go without
before I would drink grocery store milk.
| 9/5/2017 10:48 AM
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Exactly what Expected
What you think milk should taste and smell like.
| 8/30/2017 8:12 PM
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liquid icecream
love it... this is as close as I have found to the fresh milk I had as a kid and I don't have to milk the cow!
| 8/18/2017 2:29 PM
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Milk Hero!
Come rain, sleet, or summer sun, our trusty milkman always has our 4 quarts in our milk box before 5 AM! This milk  literally fuels my five-year-old's life -  hates all food, but loves milk.  Thanks for being our milk heroes! I also sneak sips of this wholesome, organic whole milk too, truth be told, it tastes better than any other farm milk I've tried to date.
| 7/6/2017 2:35 PM
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I can drink this milk
I cannot drink Milk in US due to the allergy reaction.  I did not have the allergy until I moved to US.  Then I've switched to Smith Brothers milk, I can drink milk again.  Only I can drink Smith Brothers organic milk in US.  I don't know why.  I hope Smith Brothers milk will keep continue to have fresh good quality milk for people : )
| 5/21/2017 8:48 PM
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