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Milk & Cream

The best milk, from moo to you. It's what we've done right since 1920.

A great option if you're lactose-sensitive or intolerant. Lactaid Fat Free Milk is 100% lactose and fat free so you can enjoy it with no worries.
Made with milk, cream, sugar and natural sweet cream flavor, this is the ideal creamer for people who love coffee (and not a lot of added sweeteners and flavors).
A perfect blend of milk, cream, sugar and natural vanilla flavor. If you love the taste of coffee with cream, with a hint of vanilla, this is the creamer for you!
Made with real almonds, pure cane sugar, and natural vanilla flavor that includes extracts from real Madagascar vanilla beans.
A fall favorite that will make every cup you pour naturally delicious. Made with real milk and cream blended with spices and real pumpkin for a lightly sweet delight.
All-natural salted caramel creamer that’s perfect for coffee connoisseurs this winter.