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Alki Bakery Triple Chocolate Pound Cake - 16 oz.

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A rich, fudgy pound cake made with three kinds of chocolate.

Since one type of chocolate wouldn’t do, Alki Bakery decided to use three kinds of chocolate. Hence the name - Triple Chocolate Pound Cake. If you’re wondering why it’s called pound cake (we were), it’s because it’s traditionally made with a pound (ah-ha!) of each of these ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. Alki Bakery uses only quality ingredients, resulting in the best-tasting pound cake in Washington. For a real decadent dessert, serve it with whipped cream and strawberries.

Note: The shelf life is 5 days after receipt of product.  

Local Brands: Alki Bakery
Product Reviews
Great for terimasue.
Great to just eat any time.
Great for terimasue.
Great to just eat any time.