Nettle Meadow Kunik Triple Crème – 3.5 oz.

Nettle Meadow Kunik Triple Crème – 3.5 oz.


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Semi-aged, award-winning triple crème cheese made with pasteurized goat milk and Jersey cow cream.

Traditionally, triple crème cheese is made with cow’s milk. This is not the case with Nettle Meadow’s Kunik Triple Crème. Their unique recipe uses a delicious combination of 75% goat’s milk and 25% Jersey cow’s cream (famously high in milk fat), making it richer and creamier than a typical brie. The soft cheese has an edible bloomy white rind and a tangy, buttery flavor and a thick, lush texture. Kunik pairs well with earthy stouts or meaty cabernet francs. It’s also lovely with figs, pears, chutney, or honey. We're selling the 3.5-ounce cheese while supplies last.

  • Gluten Free