Salsa De Rosa Mean Green - 16 oz

Salsa De Rosa Mean Green - 16 oz

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Salsa De Rosa Mean Green Salsa elevates your taste buds with a burst of flavor and a hint of fiery heat. Crafted from a blend of fresh tomatillos, onions, jalapeños, and habanero peppers, this zesty salsa is perfect for those seeking a little extra kick to their green salsa.

Salsa De Rosa Mean Green Salsa takes classic green salsa to a whole new level. Infused with a lively combination of tomatillos, onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro, and garlic, this salsa delivers a symphony of flavors with a subtle yet invigorating heat. Habanero peppers add a thrilling kick without overwhelming your palate. The bright notes of lemon juice and vinegar enhance the overall freshness, making it an ideal accompaniment for tacos, grilled meats or eggs, or as a dipping sauce for your favorite chips or snacks. Experience the perfect balance of flavor and heat with Salsa De Rosa Mean Green.